Conservationist, wildlife/agriculture advocate, and educator down to my core.

We are a small family of four hoping to change the world one flower and experience at a time on a local level. Hi! I'm Cammy, mom of two and the heart of the farm. My love of flowers and animals started as a child growing up on a ranch and dairy farm in northern Colorado. I used to run barefoot through cow pastures to catch horses and end up with a herd of animals following me. I was never lost. I would pick flowers through the field and out of my grandmothers garden for my mom, roots and all.

Time went on and I pursued a career in animal care and ended up a zookeeper. I loved and cherished that career for almost 10 years before calling it quits to stay home with my babies. My dream to have a small flock of Valais Blacknose Sheep and a flower farm started to take shape just after my daughter was born in 2014. Finally, in 2019, the pieces all started to come together. We bought 5 acres north of Bend, ready to hit the ground running. After a season under our belt, we are expanding further to start offering animal training consultation with a focus on domestic farm animals. My life's passion is to connect people with wildlife and the world around them. With more than 25 years of animal training experience and professional knowledge and training, I hope to bring more connection and ease between animals and their people.

My dream was always to provide a place where people could connect, de-stress and simply breathe. We will be providing this service digitally this season and also donating 80% of our flower crop this season. We hope you will follow our journey and get involved in spreading joy and kindness.



We are a small scale flower farm in the beautiful high desert of Bend, OR. Our farm focuses on shop locally and think globally. When you buy from us, you will see more uncommon blooms and they will last longer, because, they haven't been boxed up for days!


We love Bend, and want to see the continued motto of "Be nice, you're in Bend" grow. Flowers are the ultimate happiness bringer.


We support local, both in Bend and around the PNW, businesses for our supplies and needs. We hope you will also support your local farmers.


Grown with love, and mindfulness, all with your health and happiness in mind.

We believe that it isn't just good sun, soil and water to create beautiful blooms. We believe there is a little something else that goes into growing fantastic blooms. Its Love. We mindfully sow seeds and thoughtfully care for and nurture plants into maturity to be harvested with care, just for you. Flowers bring joy and love, so shouldn't they be grown with that as well? When you know where your blooms are coming from, you can be confident they were grown thoughtfully.  When you support your local farmers, you are also building a relationship. We would love to get to know you!