Our Initiatives

This season we are pleased to announce two new initivatives. The first is our goal to donate 80% of our blooms to locals in need. We are partnering with local organizations to uplift our community that might not otherwise have access to our flowers. Our whole goal with starting this farm was to spread joy and kindness. Last season was tough for everyone and although we did donate a significant amount of blooms, it was nowhere near our goal.


Our second goal, is to get our animal snuggles program off the ground this season. In 2019, we purchased a starter flock to breed to get pure bred Valais Blacknose                                              

This season we are delighted to announce our success rate in breeding was 100% and we are expecting enough lambs this year to train, and socialize to start our therapy program. We hope to provide wooly snuggles around our community and on farm when we feel its safe. Animal therapy programs have proven to reduce anxiety and stress and provide an overall sense of well being to participants.

Flower Arrangements

Become a Farm Hero

Where do you come in? We have started up a Patreon page to allow those that can and want to give to do so. In giving a monthly donation, you will not only help drive these two initiatives, but will also get exclusive access to Patreon only relaxing farm ambient videos, digital wallpaper, photos, occasional merchandise, and as a lamb sponsor, you will get access to lamb watch, and be entered in a drawing to name lambs!

How to donate as a local

If you are local to Central Oregon and would like to participate in giving, we have partnered up with a few local organizations to gift our flowers and lamb therapy sessions.

If you would like to participate  you can venmo us at any time, just clarify your donation.

Find us on Venmo @Purple-Fox-Farm.

Find us on Paypal 

As a local donator, you will get early access to our local events and offerings.

Basket and Wild Flowers