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Determine the size of space you have and how long of a season you want.

First off, measure your space and send us photos of your proposed cutting garden. Also, in this first communication we will ask you how long of a season you want. We will determine how many plants you need to fill the space and help guide you to prepare the space for your plants.


How many Bouquets do you want weekly?

Do you just want a bouquet a week for yourself? Or are you hoping to provide gifts for friends and family occasionally?


Pick your color palatte!

Choose from one of 8 our pre-designed bouquet palates. You choose your colors, we start your plants at the right time and take the hardest part out of gardening in Central Oregon.


Get planting and stay connected throughout the season!

Once your plants are a certain height and we hit a certain time in the season, we harden them off for you. You take them and plant them. We will send out weekly check ins and updates to remind you how to keep your plants looking spectacular and producing abundantly throughout the season.


Determine Add ons

We will give you resources for purchasing and setting up your space. If you choose, we can give you everything you need for your garden at an additional price.

We offer the following as add ons:

  • Drip irrigation with all connectors

  • Weed Fabric cut to length

  • Low tunnels for season extension and crop protection with greenhouse plastic cut to your length and all tie downs and instructions on how to assemble it.

  • Frost cloth cut to length

  • Brewed compost tea throughout the season.

  • High quality compost and fertilizer for amending your soil.


Bend Sunset

Our most colorful collection consists of almost every color in a beautiful blend that reminds one of our gorgeous high desert sunsets.


Mount Bachelor Summit

This collection is calm and stunning, much like the views from mount bachelor.


Old Mill

This collection is so colorful and full of variety. It reminds us of the cheerfulness surrounding Old Mill.


Pastel Unicorn

This delightful colorful collection will wow anyone with the perfect amount of  mixed pastel colors.


Summer on the Deschutes

This collection is yellow, blush and green reminding one of a sunny day floating the river.


Mirror Pond

This collection of purples, blues, greens and yellow remind you of sitting pond side in the middle of summer watching the ducks float lazily by.


High Desert Princess

This Collection will include a Dahlia tuber.


Purple Fox favorite

This High end palate is one of our favorites and will include 2 Dahlia tubers.

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