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  • Where can I buy your flowers and products?
    We are not currently selling anything but our smoke wands, hydrosols, and dried florals through a direct message.
  • Do you supply wedding and event flowers?
    We are no longer available for wedding and event flowers at the moment. Follow along with our instagram or email list for updates
  • Are your flowers/herbs organic?
    Great question. Although we are not organic certified, we grow our flowers and herbs using organic, sustainable practices. Rest assured that your blooms do not have chemicals used at any time with them. We have our kids and animals out running around in our fields, we would never expose our family to those harmful things and thus would never wish to expose your family either.
  • Can we visit the farm?
    Although we love to share our flowers with you, our farm is on our personal home and we value our privacy. There will be a few events throughout the year that we will open our doors, however this will be by appointment only. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay informed. We will be allowing photo shoots at the farm occasionally, please inquire for your appointment or group visit.
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