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For Sale

Lamb Adoptions

This season we are excited to offer a few lambs available to pre-screened homes once they are weaned. We typically allow our ewes to self wean their lambs which minimizes stress on both ewes and lambs. Our lambing season has come to an end and we are happy to announce we were blessed with 8 healthy F1 Valais. We will be placing 2 ewes and 2 rams into pre-screened homes. Weaning typically will be at 12-16 weeks, which would put lambs ready to go to new homes around June.

       Email us if you are interested in lambs as we expect them to go quickly.

Interested in adopting a lamb but cant actually have a lamb? Our Adopt an Animal is the perfect option for you or as a unique gift! Adopt an Animal sponsors give donations monthly to support our lamb snuggles therapy program in which we train and extend our lamb love out to our community. Animal interactions have been proven to reduce stress and relieve anxiety. With this program we hope to create a more joyous community around us. You as a sponsor will have exclusive access to videos, Q&A sessions, photos and the opportunity to enter a drawing to name lambs!

Visit our Patreon page for details on how to join.

Lamb Sponsor



We currently have 2 ewes and 2 rams for sale. Ewes are both $3000 each, Rams are labeled with individual pricing. If you are wanting a wether, please contact us if this is the case.








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