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Private Photograpy sessions

Looking for an ideal place for your family photos, unique birthday or senior photos? Perhaps a special place for soft maternity or bridal photo shoot? Our flower fields, and pasture are the ideal location for unique gorgeous photos. Bring your photographer for a 1hour photo session.

Session blocks start at $75 per hour.

*animal encounters, flowers and farm props (tractors, straw/hay bales) can be added for an additional fee.

Image by alexey turenkov

Animal Encounters

Curious what a fluffy sheep feels like to cuddle? Just need to hug a bunny? We have you covered! Our lovely Valais Blacknose sheep lambs are handled at a young age and are ideal companion/therapy sheep. Our sweet bunnies will melt your heart and no one can resist our adorable ducks and ducklings!

1 hour with us and our lovely animals and all the pictures you can take!

$40 per person up to 5 people

Private U-Pick

1 hour for you and your family or friends (up to 5 people) to access our flower field and fill up a mason jar each or a bucket to take home and arrange. We advise morning appointments for the best quality flowers. Buckets, mason jars, flower food, snips, and advice available on farm.

$40 per person.

Basket and Wild Flowers
Field Trip in Nature

Guided Farm Tour

1 hour tour with the owner around the 1 acre flower field, an animal encounter, photographs for your keepsake, and a personalized bouquet. Up to 5 people.


Other events

Looking for a great location for outdoor art classes, photography classes, field trips, or something else? Reach out and lets see how we can work together!

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