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Spring 2022

Hello flower friends! How is it 2022? Despite being in sales and social media content, it feels like I have been living in a cave for 2 years. Many of you know we have 2 young kids, because of that, we have been very cautious during the pandemic and decided it was best for us to not do any markets, despite really wanting to connect with everyone in person. As we keep growing and changing, we hope that this season will allow for more in person opportunities including markets and private farm visits.

I started the farm with the purpose of sharing floral beauty with the community. We not only have done this but now evolved into offering equine medicinal herb growing kits, pollinator garden kits, Dahlia tubers, seed, and raising money for both our friends at 3 sisters equine, Think Wild and our own initiative, posies for pollinators.


First, I would like to introduce you to our new initiative, posies for pollinators. I am a conservationist, and care deeply about mother earth and all the creatures inhabiting her. We all know the plight of the honeybee. But did you also know that there are several other pollinators that are in danger of extinction? Due to our over use of pesticides, land being taken away from food sources, climate change etc, we are seeing massive declines in these populations. If you follow us on instagram, you will see us frequently see us showing ways to help them out. We have changed the way run the farm doing things such as planting a 1/4 acre of pollinator friendly flowers that are not harvested- they remain as nature intended. We plant them, and leave the plot alone, including letting it go to seed, leave the stalks over winter to provide housing for the beneficial insects and food for the birds-we clean up in the spring by mowing the old stalks down and let the self sown seeds do there thing. We have never used pesticides, but instead rely on beneficial insect populations and use biodynamic control methods if we have a bad infestation that isn't being regulated. While it can be more work, we believe, that managing an ecosystem is just better for everyone. We would like to offer more education, donate to organizations that are doing additional research and get more people in Bend, on the pollinator pathway. Thus we have started our posies for pollinators. We will be hosting sales throughout the season at various locations in which we will be donating 100% of the bouquet sales directly to pollinator research and plant donations. We have also started a patreon page for those interested in giving monthly. (We are working on non-profit status for that side of things).

Second, Let me introduce you to the other new things we have going on this season!

Equine Medicinal Herb garden kits- We have teamed up with our friends over at Varekai Ranch to offer medicinal kits to treat horses using holistic methods. Horses should generally eat over 26 different plant stuff in a day ranging from flowers, herbs and grasses. They, as many other animals, self medicate through seeking out different plants. We have set out to offer a kit of common herbs and a few not so common to offer to equine partners. In addition to the medicinal herbs, plants that are known to deter insects such as flies, ticks, mosquitos. These are not just for the barn but for planting around your house or patio!


Pollinator Garden kits- These lovely kits take the planning out of starting a pollinator friendly garden. We are offering kits of 25 young plants, mostly perennials, that are beneficial for pollinators and birds. Plant this garden kit and enjoy butterflies, bees, and birds visiting your garden all summer and birds throughout the winter if stalks are left after going to seed. We are also offering seed and herb add ons to these kits for extra beauty and uses.

Lastly, I am excited to publicly offer our CSA for the season. We will be doing something unique. We are offering a bucket of blooms for $40 each week and will run for 10 weeks. This is a make one give one subscription, so there will be enough for you to enjoy and one to give away. Or better yet, grab someone you love and make a couple bouquets together! We know everyones schedule is crazy, so we will be offering these as a weekly reservation. If you know you want them all season- You are welcome to pay for the whole season in advance and enjoy the 10% discount (comes out to a free week).


We are planning on doing lots of pop ups this season, primarily in Tumalo, so watch for those, and always we are here for custom design orders also. Let us know what we can create for you!

Love and light,


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