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Rose Geranium Aromatic Floral Water
  • Our aromatic floral waters are grown, harvested, distilled and bottled by hand on our small family farm in Bend, OR. We take care to make sure every batch is thoughtfully handcrafted so it reaches you with all of the aromatic benefits to make your day great.

      These hyrdosols are created with the intent of making hyrdosol and not as a byproduct of extracting essential oils. We choose to leave our essential oils in, giving you full aromatic benefits. Hyrdosols are more gentle than essential oils and can be used directly on the skin without diluting. We do not dillute our hydrosol, you are getting 100% pure steam distilled hydrosol when using our products.



    Rose Geranium Aromatic Floral Water

    • Rose Geranium:

      Our Rose Geranium hydrosol is excellent as a mask spray, makeup setting spray, facial toner, body spray, aftershave, linen spray or room spray. It can pretty much be used however you would like, but it is particularly good for skin care as Rose Geranium reduces redness and inflamation, has been used for its anti aging properties and its overall uplifing tone. It is an herb that has been used in traditional medicine to treat anxiety and depression and is great for use in your mask in these trying times.

    • *Refrigeration will extend the shelf life of your hydrosol. Most hydrosols will be stable for 12-18 months from time of distillation. (your batch number on your hydrosol tells you the date of distillation) If at any time you see what looks like a ribbon floating in your hydrosol, it has been compromised and should be thrown away. Your bottle was sterile at the time of bottling and any time the bottle is opened you run the risk of contamination, spraying is the best way to keep it uncontaminated. We use no preservatives in our hydrosol as we believe in keeping all the benefits of the plant in tact. 

      *These statements are not approved or reviewed by the FDA. Our hydrosol is intended for topical use only. 

      *Information on this page is intended for education purposes only, we are not medical professionals, only plant wisdom mediums. Always consult your medical practitioner, vet or naturopath when using herbs you are unfamiliar with. 

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