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Lavender and Sage Aromatic floral water
  • Our aromatic floral waters are grown, harvested, distilled and bottled by hand on our small family farm in Bend, OR. We take care to make sure every batch is thoughtfully handcrafted so it reaches you with all of the aromatic benefits to make your day great.

      These hyrdosols are created with the intent of making hyrdosol and not as a byproduct of extracting essential oils. We choose to leave our essential oils in, giving you full aromatic benefits. Hyrdosols are more gentle than essential oils and can be used directly on the skin without diluting. We do not dillute our hydrosol, you are getting 100% pure steam distilled hydrosol when using our products.

    Lavender and Sage Aromatic floral water

    • Lavender and Sage:

      This hydrosol is made with love and intended for use in times of
      disharmony for balancing and comfort. Both Lavender and sage are herbs that have been used for centuries for relaxation, uplifting and wisdom. This herb combination also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. This is our favorite spray for little bottoms at diaper changes!

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